TXI Club x Investment

TXI Club x Investment

TXI Club is a prestige membership club for investors and business owners. It is located in the top floor with roof balcony in one of the most luxurious building in Taipei, which is designed by world-famous architect Richard Rogers.

The purpose of TXI Club is to provide members unique investment opportunity, business partnership as well as exclusive networking. In addition, TXI professional team will provide portfolio management for investors through TXI Fund, or do project management for club members, especially the projects related to Israel. TXI team will involve in the operation of invested companies on behalf of investors to enhance the investment return as well as grow more business for invested companies through the wide platform among TXI Club’s members.

What we offer differently and uniquely to our TXI fund investors or club members:

  • TXI team will leverage different resources from our investors and members to create synergy and cross-industry cooperation to benefit all parties.
  • TXI team will find customized technologies or disruptive innovations to help our investors grow their own business.
  • Before TXI Fund’s investment, TXI team will help target companies to do market test and market adjustment, TXI Fund will only invest the target companies if they pass the market test, this process will not only increase the investment return, but also make the invested companies grow more in business, to achieve Win-Win strategy.
  • TXI team will bring investors or members in the front line to mentor the target companies or innovations, so that all parties could benefit from it.
  • TXI Center will allocate a team to base in Israel to help our investors or members of TXI Club looking after their investment or projects in Israel.


It goes without saying that TXI Club also provides a prestigious and very private club space for members to relax and enjoy good Israeli wines and cuisine.



In addition to technology and innovation, TXI Club also provides exhibition of arts and design, which not only demonstrate different kinds of life style, but also fulfill the spiritual needs of VIPs. If you are artist, TXI Club could help to show your works in our platform; if you are a collector, you could find unique arts in TXI Club.



Service Office x Eco-System

Service Office x Eco-System


TXI Center provides not only service office but also business development to tenant, who will be treated as a family member in TXI Center. Tenant will access to TXI Club to meet with investors or business owners for business development, partnership, investment or advisory.

TXI Center will hold different events to enhance the relationship between tenants and also with TXI Club. The philosophy of TXI Center is we work together and collaborate together as one family.

In summary, what we offer differently and uniquely to our tenant are:

  • International Business Development Services from TXI Center
  • Access to TXI Club for networking with TXI investors and VIPs for mentoring & partnership
  • Located in prestigious building and being neighbors with successful and top business owners
  • Physical environment to demonstrate your company’s product
  • Networking events to enhance relationship with other tenants
Business Develop x Accelerator

Business Develop x Accelerator

The VIP members of TXI Center form a great resource and platform for companies to find partners and develop markets. Taiwan is a perfect testing market for any new J.V. between Taiwan and Israel, once the business model is proven and tested in Taiwan market, TXI Center will find more resources to help the J.V. grow into Asia market and Global Chinese market.

What we offer differently and uniquely to help your business development and accelerate your success:

  • TXI team will use the resources from its investors or members to provide your companies customers, so that your business model or products could be tested and modified.
  • After your success in Taiwan market, TXI center will help you grow Asian & Global Chinese market through the platform of TXI Fund’s investors and members.
  • TXI provides one stream services from business registration, service office space, mentoring or advisory, providing customers, business development, market / product test, and investment or partnership.

TXI Investment Model

TXI Investment Model

Series of TXI Investments, initiated by TXI Center, are under following objectives:

(A) Integrate Israel Tech with Global Companies to base in Taiwan for Asia Market: The vision of TXI Center is to integrate disruptive technology from Israel with global funding / resources from international companies to base in Taiwan for market testing, product integration and as gateway for Asia market. TXI Center will not only joint venture with foreign companies, but also provide local resources to develop Taiwan market as base, then expand to other Asian countries.

(B) JV with Global Companies & Accelerate Startups: Although TXI Center will have joint venture with global companies, but will use its arms and resources to accelerate startups by feeding market demands and business opportunities, which proves to be more important before investing in startups.

(C) Focus on Business with Global Impact: Although TXI Center is always starting from developing Taiwan market, it always aims for global impact. Taiwan market is the mirror of global market, if a business model or a product / service can be successful in Taiwan, it will usually be successful in global market.

(D) Current Areas of Investments: Currently, TXI Center focus on following areas of investment by leveraging strong resources from CANAEON Group : Education / Education Technology, Eco-Economy / Sustainable Energies, Agriculture Technology, AR/VR, Digital Technology, Elderly Care, Cybersecurity.

(E) Uniqueness of TXI Investments:

  • TXI Center invests in global impact projects which not only meaningful, but also profitable with steady cash income as well as capital appreciation and value protection.
  • TXI Center puts risk management, value protection and cash flow balance in higher priority, rather than pursuing risky and speculating projects.
  • TXI Center uses some property investment as value protection, and package property with new purpose to create cash flows and added values.
  • TXI Center will use its projects to help stakeholders grow their own business for synergy.

(F) TXI Taiwan 4.0