TXI Education 天習教育

TXI Education 天習教育

[ Build an Ecosystem of New Education for Nations ]

TXI Education, partnering with EON Center (頤恩萬國教育中心), redefines the meaning of education and aims to integrate education of different nations, especially Chinese education and Jewish education, to form a new education methodology and system for the world.

TXI Education will leverage technology to build an international platform for breaking down walls between schools, classes, subjects, teachers and nations. It supports EON Center to develop new education methodology, new education curriculum, provide teacher’s training / teacher’s career planning (caring teachers is equally important as caring students), and invest in education technology / tools.

The vision of TXI Education and EON Center is to achieve Co-Education, Co-Innovation and Co-Evolution among nations, so that the next generations could inherit the Spirit of ” Being with GOD for JUSTICE, MERCY, HUMILITY ” to be the blessings of the world.


TXI Eco 台以環能

TXI Eco 台以環能

[ Build an Ecosystem for Waste-to-Values and Circular Economy ]

TXI Eco aims at contributing to the circular economy in agriculture. By turning the agricultural waste into energy and resource, we successfully tackle two major issues – waste treatment and energy shortage. In addition, with the help from the parent company – TXI Center, TXI Eco brings advanced agricultural technology and waste-to-energy solutions from Israel and other countries to Taiwan. We integrate the R&D resource from government, academia and industries in Taiwan, create new solutions for circular economy in agriculture and will export the solution to the world markets. The ultimate goal of TXI Eco is to help Taiwan to build its global competency in agriculture & circular economy.

TXI Partners 弈恩智匯

TXI Partners 弈恩智匯

[ Build an Digital Tech Eco-System for Industrial/Edu. Application ]

TXI Partners is building up an Digital Tech. Ecosystem for Global Market focusing on Industrial and educational Use, with base in Taiwan and collaborating with Israel technologies and U.S. development platforms as well as worldwide channels. Taiwan is one of the best choice to be the hub integrating H/W and S/W, also the perfect testing market for any new innovation. With the hardware strength and abundant software talents from Taiwan, more total solutions for different industries will be generated from Taiwan efficiently to benefit the world. The Digital Tech. Ecosystem built by TXI Partners includes:

(A) Talent Education : Forming Digital Tech. Talents Pool through training programs, our AVR+ international school is one of the example which has nurtured many AVR+ technology talents, who become leaders in the market or worked with us after training.

(B) TXI Business Development Center : Forming TXI Business Alliance to create and incubate more Digital Tech. solutions connecting partners all over the world with new thinking and new technology.

(C) TXI Accelerators:Using TXI Accelerators for more innovations for global market.

(D) TXI R&D and Project Alliance : Setting up TXI R&D Alliance in different fields from Taiwan to worldwide market. Using these advanced technologies in different industrial, commercial or educational fields.

(E) Forming Integrator of H/W and S/W for TXI Digital Tech. solutions to leverage the H/W strength of Taiwan.